7' clearance garage


25 miles
20 minute subway ride 

How much?

Parking: $7
Fare: $2.75 one way
Kids under 11:  free


~ 10 minutes
5AM to 1AM


Save time - pay for return trip on Charlie Ticket at Alewife
Not a good bet during the week in the mornings, because the garage fills with commuters by 8:30 and traffic is heavy before then. Weekday afternoons should be OK.




Drive to Cambridge

  • Route 495 South to exit 29A
  • Route 2 East
  • Exit after #60 (No, we don't know why it's not #61)
  • Follow signs for Alewife M.B.T.A. 
    • GPS: Point of Interest - "Alewife Station"







Buy your round trip Charlie Ticket for $5.50 and hop on the subway