Boston  - lots of history, great food, fun people, and plenty to see and do! Here you'll find a compact, approachable city, with an easy to use public transportation system. Download the NPS Boston app and walk The Freedom Trail; take a narrated hop-on hop-off trolley tour around the city; quack on an amphibious Duck Boat; take a cruise in Boston Harbor. However you choose to see the city, you're going to love it, and we're here to help you get started!

Where are you located? 

30 miles northwest of Boston




What's the best public transportation option for...

a car for general sightseeing on a weekday?

12 miles, +/- hourly schedule

a car for general sightseeing on a weekend?

---Option #1 is 25 miles. Costs less, +/- 10 minutes all day

--- Option #2 is four miles. Costs more, +/- every two hours

a car or an RV for a Red Sox game?

25 miles. Best for Fenway, because Fenway is on the Green Line

an RV for sightseeing?

Only lot for oversized vehicles

Where can I park a car in Boston? 

Boston Common Parking Garage

36 miles. 0 Charles Street. Great location at a reasonable price

How about a car rental? 

Enterprise will pick you up!