This is Minuteman

Specific sites aren’t confirmed, because we don’t like to break promises. 


The following rules are for the safety and comfort of our guests, and are consistently enforced.

They’re pretty basic for camping and following them will ensure that everyone has a pleasant stay.

Three Simple Rules for Happy Camping at Boston Minuteman Campground:

Rule #1 Register everybody. Even Aunt Gladys, who’s “only here for an hour”.

Rule #2 Be considerate of your fellow campers.

Rule #3 Follow standard camping rules that pretty much apply everywhere else you’ll ever camp. Or at least at the good campgrounds. 

Need Specifics? Please read below, and feel free to use this as a teachable moment for the kiddos.

Quiet Hours

10:00 PM until 8:00 AM. Excessive noise should not be heard in the neighbors’ sites at any time. Not everyone has the same taste in music, and nobody thinks their neighbor is funny when they’re loud and drunk. Please don’t send the little ones out of your campsite in the wee hours of the morning, because they’re disturbing you and you want to sleep. So does everyone else.


Please respect the privacy of your fellow campers by using designated walkways and not walking through occupied campsites. A campsite is home away from home. Guests should only come in when invited. Besides, exercise is good for us.


All day visitors must be registered. There is no free lunch. Except, of course, for kids under five and seniors, like Aunt Gladys. There is a fee of $6 per adult and $3 per child. Short money for a day’s outing. The maximum is four people and two vehicles. Day visitors cannot bring pets. Check-out time is 9:30 PM and no exceptions will be made (see Quiet Hours). Security personnel will not allow admittance to day guests after 9:30 PM, so please save them the trip. Trying to sneak them in at 10:30 just doesn’t work; Ted’s hours are longer than that. Only those adults who are preregistered at the time of the reservation may stay overnight. Of course, sweet little kiddies who are visiting Grandma are always welcome. Registered campers are responsible for the actions of their visitors, so please choose wisely and see that they consume adult beverages responsibly, as day adult visitors cannot be converted into overnight guests. For the comfort of our registered campers, day visitors will not be allowed in the pool during heavy use periods, because our overnight guests who made reservations up to years in advance deserve some elbow room. Visitor fees still apply.

Speed Limit

  5 MPH. Children, puppies, and old folks are everywhere. Please drive slowly.


Please bring trash to the dumpster, just off the main parking lot, behind the flagpole. Please recycle whenever possible. The recycle bin takes glass, plastic, metal, cardboard and paper. Please don’t include anything with food on it or dog poop in it. The folks at the recycling center are not amused.


Outside firewood is not allowed, because of invasive pests which could harm our trees and those of our neighbors. There is wood for sale in the store. Bundles of large pieces of hardwood and bundles of smaller pieces of kindling are for sale. Each bundle is .75 cu ft. and costs $5.25 per bundle (six bucks + at the local grocery store). Fireplaces are provided and are not to be moved. Please don’t leave fires unattended, and always flood them completely before retiring at night and checking out of your campsite. Please do not leave trash, including cigarette butts and food in the fireplaces. Seriously. Please. Just firewood.


Friendly, quiet pets are welcome. Please bring a copy of their up-to-date immunization records. Always clean up after them. Leashes are required. Please don’t allow cats to roam free. Unwanted kittens sometime show up all by themselves, without any help from campers, and winters are cold and lonely. Quiet animals can be left behind inside RVs, but please make sure a cell phone number is on file in case of emergency. There is good-sized enclosed pet walk in the activity area. Pets are not allowed in any buildings (including cabins), the play areas, or the pool area. If they were, Bailey and Darcy would be in the office with us every day. Every day. Guests of overnight campers cannot bring pets.


NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. Open 10AM till dark. The pool is shallow. NO DIVING OR JUMPING is permitted. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Children who are not toilet trained must wear Swimmies or plastic pants. Please shower before swimming. People with communicable diseases are not allowed in the pool. There’s a phone on the outside of the Rec Hall, pool side, for dialing 911.

Gray Water

There is a water ban in town. Vehicle washing or dumping of gray water on the ground is prohibited per order of the Nashoba Associated Boards of Health. $100 fine. There’s a 15 gallon towable plastic tank available for borrowing that can be used to take gray water to the dump station.


Refunds will not be given to anyone who is asked to leave for their misconduct. Let’s not have it come to that.

Thank You For Your Cooperation

If there is anything you need, please ask. If you have any problems, please let us know.

We can only correct issues that we’re aware of. Or for English majors, “…of which we are aware”.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a wonderful stay!

The Nussdorfers